Zombie Fallout Official Book Trailer

Zombie Fallout Official Book trailer can be seen here:


Nate Webster I just wanna play Durgan
March 22 at 10:00pm

Rod Carnahan Zombie Fallout, more fun then watching two one legged zombies in an ass kicking contest. And tastier then bacon flavored pop tarts!
March 22 at 9:57pm

Andrew Casavechia When zombies and vampires drag the world to hell in a handbasket, this is the story of a man holding that basket.
March 22 at 9:56pm

Guy George When life delivered Mike stinky stuff between the toes. Mike Talbot delivered unto the undead, the wrath of a man who will do anything to protect his family and those people around him he loves.
March 22 at 9:56pm

Daniele Stephenson Michael Talbot. 
Yes he's neurotic, sarcastic, has a huge problem with germs (and authority),and never thinks before he speaks but he is your best chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.
March 22 at 9:55pm

Andrew C. Laufer Pop tarts, Purell, and Paps Blue Ribbon...that's all I need.....
March 22 at 9:53pm

Leslie Whitaker Mike Talbot must save his family...and the pop tarts...with the dead at his heels...
March 22 at 9:52pm

Adrian Sommerville "One man on a quest to save his family, but can he save humanity from the scourge of the Undead and the Talbot family curse."
March 22 at 9:50pm

Gordon Richardson If you think your having a bad day, think again. You could always be Michael Talbot!
March 22 at 9:50pm

Nick Reed Can't a guy take a shower around hear
March 22 at 9:49pm

Mark Simpson The only man that wished for a zombie apocalypse is thrown into his worst nightmare realm to lead his family against the hoards
March 22 at 9:47pm

Michelle Williams-Bateman Mike Talbot: husband, father, Marine. In a world of zombies, what would Talbot do?
March 22 at 9:43pm

Kimberly Sansone In a world overrun with zombies, only one man is stupid enough to stand against them to save his family. That man is Michael Talbot.
March 22 at 9:41pm

Mike Bunch In a world over run with zombies all one man needs is family of misfits oh and hand sanitizer
March 22 at 9:41pm

Mike Bunch Mike Talbot faces a world over run with zombies , all he needs is his family and hand sanitizer .
March 22 at 9:39pm

Misty Myers Gore,suspense,and comedic relief is what you will get from the great Mike Talbot as he fights off the unthinkable to protect those he holds dear.
March 22 at 9:38pm

Michelle Brown Gleckl The world has fallen and the Fallout is just beginning.
March 22 at 9:35pm

Matt Rigney Mike Talbot: the man the myth the legend.
March 22 at 9:34pm

Robert Johnson Humanities only chance of survival lies in the hands of a small band of survivors. But can they survive Talbotism
March 22 at 9:34pm

James Wallen In a world of zombies and sadistic vampires the only way to survive is pure sarcasm and jackassery. In Talbot We Trust.
March 22 at 9:30pm

Tom Jackson SEX AND FREE BEER!! Now I have your attention get this book.
March 22 at 9:29pm

Iain Johnston Will Mike Talbots journey of zombie apocolyptic horror ever end? .....We rather hope not!
March 22 at 9:29pm · 

Ebony Owes You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be horrified... Just strap in and enjoy the ride.
March 22 at 9:27pm

James Allen In a "WWTD" world of zombies; he better check with Tracy first
March 22 at 9:27pm

Bailey Beaver When you're facing problems ranging from germs to hordes of the undead, there's only one question you need to ask yourself: What Would The Talbott's Do?
March 22 at 9:28pm · 

Karl Cook More fun than a bulldogs slobber
March 22 at 9:26pm

Shantell Gregg Marx A MUST READ! This has it all, action adventure, drama, laughter, love, sacrifice, and of course, peephole licking.
March 22 at 9:34pm 

Lee Jackson Jr "Wait, when have I ever had a plan? I dont remember discussing a plan, just kind of a hopeful outcome that doesnt have us dead or having to eat another damn poptart, which I personally think is even worse than becoming a zombie."-Mike Talbot
March 22 at 9:25pm

Bethany Stutsman Hagardt One man, one zombie apocalypse and a whole lot of pop tarts.
March 22 at 9:24pm

Evonna Hartshorn He always secretly hoped for a zombie apocalypse. Can a germafobic Mike keep his family and friends safe while on the run from a pissed off vampire, while trying to survive a zombie fallout?
March 22 at 9:24pm

Rory Atkinson Cleansing the world of a zombie plague....with pop tarts and dog farts!
March 22 at 9:24pm

Kyle Shimp Henderson Grab your hand sanitizer and silver bullets. A germiphobes version of a vampire, zombie apacoplypse.
March 22 at 9:22pm

Bailey Beaver Whether it's germs or the zombie apocalypse, all you need is family.
March 22 at 9:21pm

Rusty Darko A new and refreshing take on the classic zombie genre that has the perfect balance of laughter and frights. Prepare yourself for an incredible reading experience.
March 22 at 9:18pm

David Mendoza "They lived in myth and mind for centuries as the undead. They never considered them a threat."
March 22 at 9:17pm

Jacob Frerichs A man forced to take action to protect his family and friends from the zombie fallout. Mike Talbot is willing to sacrifice his soul to keep his loved ones safe.
March 22 at 9:17pm

Steven Thornbrugh It's the end of the world and I'm in my underwear.
March 22 at 9:15pm

Carmela Ellis Can one man save the world? He doesn't know if he can, but Mike Talbot is sure going to try. Get ready for a roller coaster on the Zombie Fallout Express.
March 22 at 9:15pm

Jess H. Bishop Mike stands between the zombies and saving humanity but who will save Mike from the dirty old lady spy?
March 22 at 9:12pm

Jason Neil Zombies, Poptarts and Sarcasm oh my!
March 22 at 9:12pm

Thea Dora You thought this was a zombie apocalypse you were wrong this is a Talbot apocalypse and their armed with pop tarts and a bulldog
March 22 at 9:12pm

Shaun Goss INFECTION IS IMMINENT! Once you see it you'll be like a mindless zombie never getting enough, a deep rooted hunger for more!
March 22 at 9:11pm

Carrie Dileo It's impossible and against all odds that they are gonna survive a world covered in flesh eating zombies....only someone forgot to tell Michael Talbot... A fast paced , sarcastically funny , can't put down read!
March 22 at 9:11pm

Dean Window If you thought a Zombie Apocalypse was the worst nightmare possible. Well you haven't met Michael Talbot, did we mention he is a Germophobe. .................
March 22 at 9:10pm

Wade Newman "Mike Talbot, a man who would barely be considered noticeable on any normal day, takes a band of rag tag friends and family up against pure evil and an Army of the undead. The world has turned upside down and the last man you would think capable is fighting supernatural forces for life, love, and even his own soul."
March 22 at 9:09pm

Lee Jackson Jr The continuing post apocalyptic adventures of Mike Talbot and company. The trials and tribulations of survival of a gun toting germaphobe....yep, more zombies. They just wont die
March 22 at 9:12pm 

Alicia Ochoa In a zombie apocalypse there is one thing that matters above all else, Family. One man defies all odds to protect his own.
March 22 at 9:07pm

Joy Gissing Be Warned! If you weren't a neurotic, gun toting conspiracy theorist prepper before who was not afraid of the flu vaccine, you will be after reading Mark Tufo's Zombie Fallout.
March 22 at 9:06pm

Lee Jackson Jr Ahhh CRAP! More Zombies...hey we got any more Poptarts, im starving.
March 22 at 9:05pm

Shawn Breen Zombie apocalypse or not Never stand between a dad and his family. It will leave you asking would Talbot do?
March 22 at 9:04pm

Eric Cooper One family, endless zombies, germaphobia , horrifying big laughs, and pop tarts lots of pop tarts. Survive, cry, laugh, and love with the Talbots.
March 22 at 9:03pm

Ian Walker It's not the apocalypse, just the end of civilisation with apocalyptic dog farts and pop tarts.
March 22 at 9:01pm

Rich Clarke Threw up in my mouth
March 22 at 9:01pm

Wayne Lawrence A reluctant hero, zombies, a pissed off vampire and pop tarts!
March 22 at 9:01pm

Alfa Polanco When the Zombie apocalypse happens you will only want person by your side. Yes, Mike Talbot!
March 22 at 9:03pm 

Brandon Williamson The end of the world is the beginning of a hero's journey.
March 22 at 9:00pm

Adrian Arreola WTF?!!! Oh s#!+!!!
March 22 at 9:00pm

Fred Goodrich Mike Talbot, the hero of the zombie fallout or the horror of the zombie fallout. Only time will tell
March 22 at 9:01pm 

Eric D. Thompson The only thing he hates more than cherry pop tarts is the damn zombie apocalypse. Mike Talbot, Savior of humanity.
March 22 at 8:58pm

Jay Mills-Smith "Germaphobes leave your wipes behind! Surviving a world of double tapping the undead has some SPLATTER!" 
March 22 at 8:57pm

Cellus Clark When human kind is powerless to rid the world of the Zombie plague, one man will become more than human in order to fight back and save the Earth from this extinction level event.
March 22 at 8:56pm

Benoit Surprenant "Zombies in the yard.. What would talbot do?"
March 22 at 8:56pm

Jeff Nussbaum Zombies, immortals, old geezers smoking like a freight train.....and one badass family. THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!!!
March 22 at 8:56pm

Peter Kirby One man and his family against a hoard of zombies. Surviving the Talbot way.
March 22 at 8:56pm

Casey Bauer In a world of the undead, only your wits and sarcastic mouth will save you. Pop tarts, dog farts, and hungry cats included.
March 22 at 8:56pm

Eric Shaw With the fall of humanity, a legend is born. Out of the fallout hope is forged.
March 22 at 8:56pm

Carlos Waddy The beginning of the end. Now who wants some
March 22 at 8:53pm

Devin Dickson An epic adventure through an apocalyptic world, full of zombies. An adventure that will forever change one family, as they struggle to survive.
March 22 at 8:52pm

Jack Van Den Berg A Germophobe... A Zombie apocalypse.... This is going to get messy!!
March 22 at 8:51pm

Chuck Mitch Glove up, guns up! Fistbump double tap!
March 22 at 8:50pm

James Mayo "A tale of the apocalypse more horrifying than cherry poptarts dipped in Moxie!"
March 22 at 8:49pm

Leigh Conner Lombardi The funniest but yet goriest zombie series; death, germs and pop tarts included.
March 22 at 8:49pm

Jacki Hynum Clark Mankind's only hope against the zombie apocalypse is Mike Talbot and his family...As long as there's enough ammunition And Clorox wipes!
March 22 at 8:48pm

Anthony Farber Mike Talbot just wanted to take a leisurely drive about town in his jeep, that is, until the Zombies came. Now he just wants to keep his family safe all while struggling to stay clean.
March 22 at 8:47pm

Xavier Villalobos One imperfect mortal man is the perfect man to save what's most important to him. What would you do?
March 22 at 8:46pm

Jordan Morgan Michael Talbot is truly the one person you would never want to be around . He is a magnet for all the soul twisting sights in your darkest dreams.
March 22 at 8:46pm

Casey Jones Be careful what you wish for.
March 22 at 8:45pm

Kat Lewandowski It's the end of the world as we know it, the Zombie Apocalypse is here. One man, his family and a farting dog are the last hope for humanity.
March 22 at 8:44pm

Susan Tamayo A germaphobs worst nightmare...surviving from the undead.
March 22 at 8:44pm

Michael Salo Zombies 3.0? And now vampires...what the F*** man.
March 22 at 8:44pm

Randy Robinson Jr. It's the Black and White Zombie Comedy this world has been craving for years!
March 22 at 8:43pm

Shaun Goss You'll laugh, cry, cheer and swear! WARNING, TALBOT INFECTION IMMINENT!
March 22 at 8:43pm

Pamela Hosford All Mike wanted was his family to stay together during the zombie apocolypse, but an ancient vampire enemy had an agenda all her own.
March 22 at 8:43pm

Sabrina Joy All out, all undead. A Zombie Fallout that puts you high on the edge of your seat! When you're caught, you can't be saved.
March 22 at 8:47pm · 

Shaun Goss You'll laugh, cry, cheer and swear! WARNING, Talbot infection Imminent!
March 22 at 8:41pm

Nancy McConnell Follow the trials of Mike Talbot as he fights against flesh eating zombies and his own two left feet. No Twinkies, ham or Strawberry pop tarts allowed.
March 22 at 9:11pm 

Kaz Pumphrey A quest for family, for friends and most importantly cold beer. A Michael Talbot story complete with drug induce flashbacks.
March 22 at 8:41pm

K-Eight Unusually "A comical dreaded adventure of a cynical man and his family slaying zombies, fighting vampires and taking the guidance of Ryan Seacrest, All while trying to keep his hands clean!"
March 22 at 8:40pm

P.j. Hayes When the going gets tough... Get Talbot.
March 22 at 8:40pm

Kaz Pumphrey What does a germaphobe and an marine have in common.during the zombie apocalypse? Find out in the Zombia fallout seriesn
March 22 at 8:39pm

Donna Neville-Theiler Family is all that Michael Talbot has and he will do anything to protect them. Even if that means fighting off the undead and becoming one of them himself.
March 22 at 8:38pm

David Bailey Michael Talbot doesn't think hes a hero, He's just a man fighting for the lives of his friends and family at all cost, Even at the cost of his immortal soul!!!
March 22 at 8:38pm

Ryan Matthew Walsh This is not a series you can just read! It becomes you!
March 22 at 8:38pm

Lawrence Valadrinn And a touch of Henry with pickled weasel
March 22 at 8:38pm

Vince Nardi Marcus Tullius Cicero said “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Mike Talbot fights for humanity with his body and soul!
March 22 at 8:37pm

Jackie Chin Zombiepalooza Radio "It's Infectuous!"
March 22 at 8:37pm

Patrick Marshall Zombie apocalypse, vampires, family, friends, a sarcastic hero, and a bulldog. Zombie Fallout.
March 22 at 8:36pm

Rob Moffitt When the zombie apocalypse breaches his community, Micheal Talbot takes matters into his own hands. Through adventure, survival, and situational humor, Micheal will stop at nothing to protect the ones that he loves.
March 22 at 8:36pm

Elizabeth Guernsey Simon One man, one bulldog and family band together at the end of the world to fight zombies and utter evil. With pop tarts and antibacterial lotion...
March 22 at 8:35pm

Mike Evans In the wake of a zombie Apocalypse Michael Talbot had no plans to be a hero or leader. He had one thing in mind and that was taking care of his loved ones.
March 22 at 8:35pm

Michael Heintz Zombies + Vampires + Rednecks = Best book series ever!
March 22 at 8:34pm

Christopher Myers Wow, to much to say . Good luck all..
March 22 at 8:34pm

Kenneth Kirby Beer, gods gift to mankind since the dawn of time... oh wait, this is about zombies
March 22 at 8:33pm

Sean Moriarty Mike Talbot...The Bear Grylles of the zombie apocalypse.
March 22 at 8:32pm

Brian Holland Great genre series! I cannot get enough.
March 22 at 8:32pm

Cheryl Derivi Zombies, vampires, magic, true love. Truly a series you never want to put down.
March 22 at 8:30pm

Tim Holtz Zombies to the left of me, more flesh eaters to the right. Zero fucks given!
March 22 at 8:27pm

Aubrey Rocky Moreau Adam Carolla as Mike Talbot, in a movie theater coming to you. (sorry thought it said movie and that was the main character in my head while reading)
March 22 at 8:27pm

George Sh A Man, his Family and world full of Zombies!
March 22 at 8:27pm

Kimberly Griffith "Horrific and hilarious, possibly the most entertaining zombie series yet. Rollercoaster ride from start to finish..."
March 22 at 8:25pm

Tom Sandholm Greatest Zombie series. Ever! (2 sentences, short and sweet)
March 22 at 8:23pm

Darek Zajac "I have read 8 booksof this so it must be good. If Mark ever go crazy and start writing stuff on walls with his own poo i will read it too." (Yes, i know, including ZF 4.5 there is technically 9 books 
March 23 at 5:23am

David Carson I remember crossing t6he road meant stop look and listen... for cars
March 23 at 4:18am

Jody McLee Death is stalking, Zombies walking, running, all they want is a bite.....of you. The Zombies Fallout of everywhere, beware, take care all they want is to eat your brain.
March 23 at 2:20am

Snikle Elkins I'm not here to live your life for you. I'm here to live it with you.
March 22 at 11:38pm

Lisa Marie Williams The story of Michael Talbot, his family and his friends. Can brains beat brain eaters?
March 22 at 10:21pm

Daniel McIntyre Death is not all pop-tarts and zombies... beer helps
March 22 at 10:14pm

Phoenix H Tindall "Michael Talbot is one clorox wipe from being committed, now he has to save the world from the zombie plague that has killed most of mankind.. Pissah. "
March 22 at 8:53pm

Mike Patton Able to save mankind after stepping in dog shit
March 22 at 8:36pm

Jon Salzman "Death is the end, but for Mike Talbot it is just the beginning. One man, one family, one million zombies"
March 22 at 8:35pm

Mark Wagstaff Live, Long and Zombies. With a Dog.
March 22 at 8:27pm

Chris Rockefeller Grant "In a world...zombies have taken control, but one man has other plans."
March 22 at 8:58pm

Tracy Hillhouse It's a Zombie Apocalypse! Follow Mike Talbot as he and his band try to survive and thrive.
March 22 at 8:47pm

Kelleigh Fowler Zombie and Comedy, a match made for the apocalypse.
March 22 at 8:29pm

Stephen Marshall This series is too good for any review or comment. If you haven't already read your either one of the zombies, or some relation of mrs d
 March 22 at 8:43pm

Sarah Mayo Zombie Apocalypse Survival Manual........forget popcorn......bring poptarts and sani-wipes
March 23 at 2:50pm

Carol Scott good luck
March 24 at 10:51am

Bill Allen the world may have ended for most...but for a small brave group the fight is just begining
March 23 at 2:45pm

Lisa Dellert "The line has been drawn....the rising dead only the beginning. They say there is nothing scarier than a angry (dead) woman. You haven't met Mike protecting his family. This side of hell...let the match begin...."
March 22 at 10:13pm

Remy Droddy When washing his hands wasn't enough to stop the apocalypse, Mike talbot enlisted the next best thing for a germaphobe..pop tarts...when you have poptarts, you control Tommy. It's the only thing to defeat the army of undead and its mistress Eliza.
March 23 at 3:20pm

Jason Wilson It's time not to fallout with zombies. but to kill them. Mike Talbot is the ultimate killer and germaphobe.
March 23 at 3:15am

Joseph Steele Just missed it.
March 23 at 1:05pm

John Timothy Harrington BT "What's that smell another zombie" Mike "No Henry just farted"
March 23 at 7:52pm

John Timothy Harrington BT gives Mike the middle finger and Mike's replies "I love you man"!
March 23 at 7:47pm

Robert O'Reilly Jr I hand sanitizer killed zombies, Mike Talbot could save the world. He'll just have to think of something else.
I've never read an author that will go so far for an analogy. I think it's funnier than a fat kid trying to climb the rope with a Pop Tart in gym class. (Is that still politically incorrect?)
March 23 at 7:36pm 

Steve Palmer "The memorable characters put this book a notch above the rest of those zombie novels out there"
March 24 at 1:43pm

Wayne Bretz One mans journey through the zombie apocalypse, with the help of his family, friends, and wonder dog henery, Join Mike Talbot as he survives Zombie Fallout!
March 23 at 9:16pm

William Fortner "This is a great series of books about a flawed man and his struggles to keep his family safe. Make you feel like part of that family and even more part of man himself." 
That's the best I can do thanks again tufo I'll be a fan to the end
March 23 at 12:47pm

Andrew McAllister The Zombie Apocalypse, one man stands alone, defender of his family. His only allies the voices in his head
March 24 at 8:50pm

Fred Deer You'll yearn for the time that Death was the end we all shared.
You'll wish that Death was still something we all shared in the end.
You'll wish that Death was the end.
March 24 at 1:07am

Bobby Wayne McKinney Tracy Talbot hurt himself again!!!!!!!
March 23 at 7:47pm

Cara Ulbricht Anderson Zombies were only a start of the threat to mankind.
March 23 at 6:11pm

Chris Griffin "A pop tart for you, a zombie for me."
March 23 at 5:48pm

Jenny Johnson Kaleb Johnson
March 23 at 12:13am

Steve Bridge Pal, you had me hooked on your series at:

“I see a tongue! Some asshole is licking my peephole.” 

I almost drove off the road laughing so hard... Then I cried and the tears blurred my vision. Best shit ever! Semper Fi, Talbot.
March 22 at 11:03pm

Trevor Nelson "Trip fucked me up so bad I can't remember the story..."
March 22 at 10:07pm

Alfa Polanco Lol
March 23 at 12:32pm

Trevor Nelson Love your books, listening to them again. Keep it up ZF & IH
March 23 at 12:42pm

Scott Brown Mike Talbot hates two things above all: zombies and germs. He'll risk everything to kill them both, if it's ok with his wife.
March 22 at 9:30pm

Joseph Steele Clowns are worse than zombies and even worse zombie clown
March 23 at 12:51pm

Tori Garcia No, no , no.....don't forget CATS!!
March 23 at 6:38pm

Ivan Christopher Christo Hell hath no fury like the scorn of an undead woman with an army of zombies. Luckily for Mike Talbot, he does not understand women.
March 22 at 8:53pm

Jeremiah Featherkile This is not the greatest quote ever created for Zombie Fallout. It is merely a tribute to that quote.
March 22 at 8:26pm

Mark Tufo Nice Tenacious D reference 

Wesley Wallner "One man stands between what's left of humanity and an army of rotting undead... And he's a germaphobe."
March 22 at 8:27pm · 

JC Kruse Body Parts, Dog Farts & Pop Tarts.
March 22 at 11:05pm

Paul Crawford In a world over run with zombies, you can always rely on 2 things...Ooh is that beer?
March 22 at 9:21pm

Janae Jensen The end of the world was just the beginning of his problems.
March 22 at 9:12pm

Chris Enterline When there's an army of the undead licking your peephole, the only people you can trust to handle it are Mike Talbot and his family of reluctant heroes.

And Henry.
March 22 at 9:00pm

Harley Clements Surviving the Zombie apocalypse with nothing but sarcasm and sani-wipes.
March 22 at 8:57pm

Keri George Where will you be when the apocalypse comes licking at your door? If your name is Michael Talbot, the answer is "naked."
March 22 at 8:50pm

Tonja Smith Talbott: the man who will get you through the zombie apocalypse, laughing all the way, even through the tears.
March 22 at 8:48pm

Tiami L Hemmer The zombie apocalypse has met its match. Meet the Talbots, and let the fallout begin.
March 22 at 8:44pm

Tracey Devonshire One man is hellbent on saving his family. One woman is hellbent on destroying it.
March 22 at 8:43pm

Scott Brown Mike Talbot's day has gone from bad, to never ending apocalypse. With family, friends and a "leap before looking" sense of blind faith, he alone can save those he loves... And possibly humanity (and Pop Tarts... Saving those would be awesome).
March 22 at 8:47pm · 

Kaz Pumphrey And he thought stepping in dog scrap would be the worst part of his day. He was dead wrong.
March 22 at 8:37pm

Dave Heron "Blood,gore,zombies,dog farts...Wait, what? Welcome, to Mike Talbot ' s whirlwind of fuckery!"
March 22 at 8:37pm

JJ Duncan "It was his ultimate dream come true...now it will become his worst nightmare made reality."
March 22 at 8:37pm

Lawrence Valadrinn When the zombie apocalypse happens there only three thing you can count on. Family, friends, and revenge.
March 22 at 8:35pm

Kesha Adams Bayliss Horror, Humor, & Honor with characters you'll love to love & love to hate. The prefect All American, do or die, family is forever zombie novel.
March 22 at 8:30pm

Dan J Delanis Jr. "He hated dirt on his hands... Now they are covered in blood..."
March 22 at 8:28pm

Claudia P Mannan What EVER THE EFFING CONTEST MARK TUFO is da bomb!!!!!!! Best series ever and Sean IS Michael a Talbot!!!!!!!!!!
March 25 at 9:39pm

Mark Landry-Doran Really? Zombies? Why couldn't it be aliens or ware wolves?
March 24 at 9:35am

Timothy Lynch The end of the world is nigh. Business as usual for the Talbots !!
March 24 at 7:25am

Twyla DeShazo If you're ready for an action-packed, thrilling tale of terror, complete with wicked twists and an extremely sarcastic germaphobe...look no further!! \m/
March 24 at 6:30am

Ana Crow Clemans Zombies, Talbots and Poptarts; it doesn't get any better then this!
March 23 at 12:01pm

Kevin Christiansen "In a World, ravaged by Zombies, there stands one man between us and certain death, and his name is.. Mike.... Wait, who?"
March 23 at 11:53am

Cindy Neri Mark Tufo capivates the reader and takes you on a hilariously wild ride through a zombie infested, vampire riddled post apocalyptic world in his Zombie Fallout series. Main character, Mike Talbot, is a beer drinking, self confessed, germophobe who will go to any length, even at the cost of his very soul, to see to the safety of his family.
March 23 at 11:47am

Matthew Spooner Zombies be afraid, be very afraid, Mike Talbot is on his way.
March 23 at 11:27am

Andy Knoll A man, a giant, and a stoner walk into a bar... Wait WTF those are Zombies!
March 23 at 11:23am

Mike Iacono These are not your daddy's zombies.
March 23 at 11:15am

Michael Heintz I can't believe I actually used to wish for a zombie apocalypse.
March 23 at 10:43am

Nancy Lauria Spedding Forget everything you ever learned about how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. All you ever need to know is right here in this series.
March 23 at 10:42am

Al Moody "It was a dark and stormy night....."
March 23 at 10:22am

Victoria Louise Chadwick Andrews One man, one family and one dog against the rest of the world! Will he keep them safe from the undead, living dead and the rest of humanity!
March 23 at 9:59am

Damiano Pitcher All Mike wanted was a hot shower, instead all he got was some undead a**hole licking his peephole. F***ing Zombies.
March 23 at 9:47am

Jens Panyard Mike Talbot was your typical gremaphobic preper who would do anything to protect his family. His idea of anything changed on the first day of the zombie apocalypse.
March 23 at 9:39am

Damiano Pitcher All Mike wanted was a nice hot shower, all he got is an undead asshole licking his peep-hole!
March 23 at 9:09am

William Reed There is only 1 thing worse than Zombies... Cherry Pop Tarts!
March 23 at 8:50am

Bruce Taylor The end of man has fallen apon us! Zombies have taken over this new world! Who will save them from Mike and his family!
March 23 at 8:27am

Jennifer L. Michl-Christman An epic tale of a man, and his dog taking on the new world one zombie at a time. Set out to save his family no matter the cost with nothing more than his whits, a lot of luck, and a bottle of hand sanitizer.
March 23 at 8:15am ·

Jordan Morgan Fitzy. That is all.
March 23 at 7:39am

Joe Smith Zombie hordes, Vampires, werewolves and worst of all...germs . You think you've got problems?
March 23 at 7:37am

Jordan Morgan I love these books so much I want to be a character that gets brutally killed in one.
March 23 at 7:35am

Jordan Morgan Mike Talbot . Sarcastic, zombie slayer. Its gonna be a wicked pissah !
March 23 at 7:33am

Dennis Ho The Marine Corps trained him, and his wife shaped him. Only his dog's flatulence prepared him for the smell of the undead.
March 23 at 7:28am

Anders Andersson Survival in a zombie apocalypse has never been so funny....
March 23 at 7:25am

Jiselle Parkin-Lotz What would you do if you came home from work one day and the world as you knew it became the chaotic apocalypse you were secretly hoping for? Would your run, hide, or even fight? Follow mike talbot and his family through a worlds end, as he fights to defend his family against the fallout of the undead, a vengeful broken young woman, and what's left of humanity itself.
March 23 at 7:25am

Amanda Barstaff Funky people everywhere! Grab'n'Dash List: Tin foil, Lube, Weed, Poncho like Ponchs P.S. Watch out for queue jumpers, it could get messy.
· March 23 at 7:24am

Kaz Pumphrey The only thing worse smelling than a horse of zombies? Henry's darts it drowns out the smell.
March 23 at 7:18am

Em Emma Emily Will this be the End of Humanity as we know it? Keep Calm, and let Michael Talbot Carry On.
March 23 at 7:16am

Robb Elder Mike Talbot a new kind of hero you have been waiting on
March 23 at 7:01am

Brad Ley My fav character has to be John the tripper 
March 23 at 6:58am

Phillip Lawlor Zombies, vampires, humans and Mike Talbot. One survivalist and his family against all of hells fury.
March 23 at 6:50am

Mary Giambruno-Fuge "A former Marine asks himself, "who did I piss off in the universe?" He needs to lead his family and humanity through the scourge known as Zombie Fallout...
March 23 at 6:48am

Casey McElrath Imagine telepathic vampires, a sharpshooting old lady, peephole licking zombies, and power hungry men. Mike Talbot has stepped into this pile of crap and must survive it all if he wants to protect his family and friends.
March 23 at 6:26am

Carlos Bryant At the end of a long workday, all you want is a long hot shower. But something is at the front door, that will change your plans forever.
March 23 at 6:18am

Scott Brown In a world where Hordes of zombies are controlled by a vampire, and The most evil of mankind controlled by the most evil of living women... Who needs a plan? Not Mike Talbot... He only needs his family, friends, wry sense of humor and, of course, anti-bacterial wipes.
March 23 at 6:07am

Victoria Louise Chadwick Andrews One unique man against the world of the dead but should it be the undead he should be more afraid of? A journey no one should face!
March 23 at 6:01am

Paul Yore The Walking Dead meets Family Guy. Kind of.
March 23 at 5:38am

Sandra Shields Hawkins No man or woman is safe when Zombies walk. Stay safe and well armed.
March 23 at 5:35am

Kelly Rickard When all you want is a hot shower after work but get a zombie apocalypse instead
March 23 at 5:31am

Luci Ann Keenagh The end has come, the dead walk and hell hath no fury like a dead woman's wrath..... Lock, load and sanitize, as ex-marine and reluctant hero Mike Talbot fights to save his family in world where EVERYTHING sucks!!
March 23 at 5:22am

Samantha Thompson Biological warfare? Check. Breakdown of society and civilisation? Check. Loads of zombies? Check, you'd assume the end was extremely nigh........not if Mike Talbot has anything to do with it, join him in his particularly skewed mental space as he attempts to live, love and drink another beer.
March 23 at 5:21am

Anne Khan So they said zombies can't exist well they obviously haven't read the zombie fallout series, 1 mans fight to save the world!
March 23 at 5:09am

Chris Baines If anyone can save humanity, it's probably not Mike Talbot... Enter Mike Talbot.
March 23 at 4:48am

Natalie Charley Charvat "A germaphobe taking on all the zombies in an apocalypse? Well, this is going to be a shit fest."
March 23 at 4:35am

Natalie Charley Charvat "A germaphobe taking on all the zombies in an apocalypse? Well, this ought to be fun."
March 23 at 4:34am

Anne Seebach "Dead funny!" ...sorry, just couldn't help myself.
March 23 at 4:22am

Phill Hough A superb, sensational, succulent, savoury bite of Zombie goodness from the first page until the last!"
March 23 at 4:00am

Stuart Elkins Zombies, vampires, Mike Talbot, Henry the wonder dog and pop tarts, all you need for a gripping, funny and heart wrenching trip through a zombie apocalypse. Most definitely the best in the genre
March 23 at 3:59am

Deb-Dave Butterbaugh Zombies, Vampires and Germaphobes..OH MY!! Meet the Talbots.
March 23 at 3:32am

Mark Plackett If you though Zombies smell bad , you haven't meet Henry yet
March 23 at 3:24am

Boris Bear "When there's no more room at Walmart, the dead will walk the Earth"
March 23 at 3:25am · 

Dustin Bugera What would Talbot do? The journals of Michael Talbot, and the end of the world.
March 23 at 3:13am

James Bryant Boothey What would Talbot do!
March 23 at 3:12am

John Little This series grips you by the throat and shakes the pop tarts out. Prepare for the end of the world, Talbot style.
March 23 at 2:48am

Darren Bailey Zombies ,Mike shits them.
March 23 at 2:45am

John Little A Zombie apocalypse series for the insane and deranged. Edge of the seat terror mixed with side splitting laughs makes this series a must read for fans of the genre.
March 23 at 2:30am

Tony Martos Or. "When the dead rise again, one man stands between them and total annihilation... Maybe Mike Talbot can find that man if he is lucky."
March 23 at 2:18am

Tony Martos When the dead rise again, one man stands between them and total annihilation...that is not this story.
March 23 at 2:15am

Matthew Whined "Exciting enough for me to teach myself how to read" lol
March 23 at 2:00am

Julia J. Arthur Follow the path in the fight for life, humanity or death, always remembering that the worst is the undead. ~
March 23 at 1:53am

Hombre Lee Mike Talbot doesn't know women, add in that this one has an army of zombies, and living followers that are less than sociable, and you have a ride that takes you on a journey that will have you laughing, crying, cheering, and realizing that friends and family are what keeps you going...through everything.
March 23 at 1:26am

Emma Baca Mike takes you on a journey that will make you laugh, cry, want to vomit, cheer at triumphs, and scream in frustration. Zombie Fallout is literary awesome sauce-or pop tarts...
March 23 at 12:58am

David Elsenpeter "Fuck zombies. They're not the enemy; Eliza is." or
"Death was only the beginning."
March 23 at 12:50am 

Debby Patton The zombie apocalypse with vampires thrown in to seal the deal, Zombie Fallout raises the bar of this genre to new heights.
March 23 at 12:44am

Zach Carr This a story about a man that survives the zombie apocalypse with nothing but sarcasm and hand sanitizer
March 23 at 12:39am · 

Debby Patton The zombie apocolypse with vampires thrown in to seal the deal, Zombie Fallout raises the bar on this genra to new heights.
March 23 at 12:33am

Debby Patton The zombie apocalypse with vampires thrown in to seal the deal, Zombie Fallout raises the bar of this genere to new heights.
March 23 at 12:26am

Josh Best A germaphobe in the zombie apocalypse? Enjoy the blood guts and laughs!
March 23 at 12:26am

Michael Mohr When the world goes to zombies only three things matter. Family, friends, and Michael Talbot.
March 23 at 12:19am

Thom Kemp “It watched them and it chuckled, a jittering, cackling, snuffling sort of sound, and even in its diseased brain, it had the faintest realization that it had gone crazy.”

Kristie Versyp Mike Talbot had spent so much of his time wishing for a zombie apocalypse, however this wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Armed with his somewhat psychotic neurosis & penitent for trouble, he will do what he must to insure his family's safety, even if it means sacrificing his eternal soul.
March 26 at 1:30pm · 

-Paul 'Half-orc' Harpham The only thing worse than the zombie apocalypse is the vampire leading it.
And running out of hand sanitiser.
March 22 at 11:44pm

Brian Sliger A sea of undead plus a monkey versus one germaphobe half vamp the savior of humanity.
March 22 at 11:45pm 

Rosanna Landeros Zombie Fallout: Blood, Tears and sarcasm. What will get you through a Zombie apocalypse
March 22 at 11:43pm

Pam Kelly Fields "A legion of the undead and the ultimate undead bitch.. Mike Talbot, family man and former soldier ,takes them all on with sarcastic wit and big guns blazing!
March 22 at 11:31pm

Ricky Guerra "Entry #765 - I'm all out of clean underwear and sanitary wipes. No hope for humanity left. "
March 22 at 11:28pm

Rachel Koch It all starts with a shower interrupted by a scream, then some one licks the peep hole. Its all downhill from there. Zombies, vampires, pop tarts and a very gassy dog. And you thought your family road trips were hell on earth.
March 22 at 11:27pm

Van Quang Witness a truly heartwarming love story of a man and his dog....... oh and there's also zombies and telepathic vampires in this book.
March 22 at 11:27pm

Amanda Felix "The Zombies were just the beginning...."
March 22 at 11:24pm

Johnn E. Houston In a world where the dead walk, and the supernatural is the norm....the most frightening things are germs....and a pissed off wife.
March 22 at 11:11pm

Kelly Henderson Urwiler When the end is neigh and all hope for humanity is lost, only one man can save the human race. Will Mike Talbot overcome his fear of germs and save the world from the Zombie Fallout?
March 22 at 11:08pm

Charles Stultz An unlikely hero literally goes to hell and back to protect his family from Zombie and Vampires. But beyond all odds Mike Talbot survives.
March 22 at 11:07pm

Nancy Wolf From a world plagued with the rotting, festering undead emerges a rag tag group of family & friends fighting to survive. You will LAUGH, you will CRINGE, you will DEVOUR this series zombie style!
March 22 at 11:05pm

Travis Beem It's time to kick ass and sanitize, and I'm all out of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes.
March 22 at 11:04pm

Veronica Mae Dunn Being a survivalist, Michael Talbot use to dream of a zombie apocalypse. Now that it's become a reality, his dreams have become his nightmares as he and his family fight to survive in a dying world.
March 22 at 10:58pm

Mariah Lynde "Of all the things that they tell you to prepare for in becoming middle-aged; this was not one of them. Oh, how life has changed...no job, no entertainment, scavenging for rations,an unstable crazy woman stalker, and zombies...how the hell did I get here when all I wanted was a shower?"
March 22 at 10:59pm · 

Nancy Wolf "The BEST zombie series you'll ever read. EPIC!" - Twainy
March 22 at 10:52pm

Huily Freeboyy "This one's for the Zombie nuts..And Germaphobes"
March 22 at 10:51pm

Tim Otto One man covered in soap, one shower with no water. Let the apocalypse begin.
March 22 at 10:50pm

Trisha Pratt There is only One Question you should ask at the End of the World.
What Would Talbot Do?
March 22 at 10:43pm

Dana Zugschwert Ottwell Faced with a horde of Zombies?....Ask yourself one very important question....What would Talbot do?
March 22 at 10:42pm 

Alex King It's not the end of the world if there are some left who are still fighting to survive.
March 22 at 10:39pm

Shelly Decoteau This series is like the most epic of amusement rides, but in literature. In a 5 minute span you will gag, cry, pray, laugh, sigh with relief that you made it through and then head back in for another.
March 22 at 10:34pm

Elizabeth Arguelles "Praise the Lord and pass the Purell. Mike Talbot's here to kick zombie ass!"
March 22 at 10:33pm

Douglas Mccarrell when the world falls apart, only the strong will survive. then there's Mike Talbot.
March 22 at 10:32pm

Elizabeth Arguelles "See Mike Talbot kick zombie butt, hear Henry the Wonder Bulldog fart! Pass the Purell, watch Henry nap - the zombie apocalypse has begun!"
March 22 at 10:32pm

Jennifer Black Cordero What other man can fight zombies so well. .. after getting his wife's permission.
March 22 at 10:24pm

Hydie Chesmore Prepper wakes up to find his dream come true, Zombies have taken over the world. Sprinkle in Vampires, a mean old bitch named Dennaux and Henry, and you have what the rest of us dream about. A great read that leaves us all in awe of the Talbot clan of hero's.
March 22 at 10:22pm · 

Ruth Fannin A classic in the making, Mark Tufo's "Zombie Fallout" series breathes new life into the zombie genre. It's unpredictable, brilliantly written, and delivered with deadpan wit.
March 22 at 10:14pm

Chuck Johnson "Death isn't waiting, it is walking. Death has a name, but it doesnt end with Talbot."
March 22 at 10:13pm

Wynter Kaminski What do you need to survive the zombie apocalypse? A marine, a farting dog, & pop tarts - read Zombie Fallout to piece that puzzle together.
March 22 at 10:12pm

Bobby Lloyd In a nightmare world where the dead hunt the living what keeps Mike Talbot sane? Family,beer, and poptarts, but not necessarily in that order.
March 22 at 10:09pm

Kathleen Volak Buy this mother fucking book!
March 22 at 10:09pm

Danneca Mundle "Know what to do with a conscious undead with legions of mindless zombies at her fingertips bent on your destruction? Well, neither does Mike Talbot, but all he can do is fight, hard, for the survival of his family and friends by any means necessary, even to his detriment… Wouldn’t you?"
 March 22 at 10:08pm

Lisa Evans A man, his family and a dog out to save man kind from zombies and vampires, but first he has to save his self from the many things that are wrong with him !
March 22 at 10:06pm

Matt Heaps "Zombies are the least of their problems."
March 22 at 10:06pm

Brian Menard After this, flu shots will be at an all time low, while humanity dives off the deep end. Paranoia is always perceived as a downfall, but for Michael talbot it was his anchor to survival.
March 22 at 10:03pm

Melissa Marshall Anderson Talbots, zombies and Henry oh my!
March 22 at 10:02pm

Jason Raster Vampires don't sparkle and zombies do smell bad. A preppers dream realized.
March 22 at 10:00pm
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