Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Okay so for those of you that have read my books, I will bet that you will agree that I am in no way an English Professor. I have heard the complaints and have worked out a deal where my new friend and business associate Mo Happy is going to edit All of the Zombie Fallout books, starting with ZF3. I know that you will be able to see a marked improvement over my earlier two books If you have ever put ink to paper and need help getting your work to that next level, please send  Mo an email. This is what she does, this is what she loves to do. I cannot even begin to tell you folks how happy I am with her work, I delayed the release of ZF3 so that she could finish waving her magic word editing wand over my manuscript. Pasted below is her ad. Thank you.

I'm starting up a proofreading/copy editing business and already have my first client. I have 26+ years experience as a legal secretary, most of which was spent proofreading/editing/rewriting documents for attorneys.

If you're looking for professional help for your short stories, novels, or term papers, please contact me at mohappy@att.net. Student discounts are available. Pin It Now!


  1. Mark, thanks for your kind words. I am madly working away on ZF3 as we speak. I DO love what I do, especially when it involves the zombie genre!

  2. Just finished the first 2 ZF books in 2 days. My girlfriend hates it when I go missing in action behind my Nook like that, but I love the story and the characters.
    I love the references to the other great zombie movies, books, and graphic novels. I've often wondered what a zombie fan,s take on a real life zombie invasion would be like and Talbot nails it.
    I'm glad to hear you got an actual proof reader/editor. It may be that I read both your books in two days that made all the mistakes stand out, but boy are there mistakes! ( Don't get me wrong, I'm an aspiring writer myself and you probably feel the same way I do: punctuation grammar and sentence structure takes all the fun out of it.)
    Keep up the good work and tell the artist and editor to hurry I need my Zombie fix.

  3. Hey Anonymous, thank you greatly for your honest take on the books. (Leave a review if you see this) Those effen mistakes DRIVE ME NUTS I'm just not good enough to pick them up, enter in MO!!!!