Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Henry's Story : Spoiler Alert dont read until ZF3 has been read!!!


It had been a wonderful day. The youngest cub of, The One who I allow to feed me, and myself had gone for a walk. While we were out I could tell that the cub had seen a female of his kind that he liked, his musk had sprayed in all directions it had almost made me miss the fish sandwich someone had thrown away, I had been tracking that wondrous smell for close to 3 markings. I quickly ate the meal before the boy cub realized what I was doing, humans are a funny animal they throw perfectly good food away and then get mad when I try to eat it. It was much better than those meat flavored hard balls I normally get.

Once I was done I pulled the boy with me, sometimes I wonder why the two legged animals come on these walks, they always lag behind and I have to show them which way to go. I walked up to where the humans congregate to eat, again another strange trait, don’t they know you get more if you eat alone? I had to take care of business, my stomach was so full from the sandwich and the treats I had eaten earlier. The boy cub started to release another scent, this one was a funny one, I think they call it embarrassment. People were wrinkling their faces all funny as I laid down a masterpiece, it had a lot of volume and smell, this would let EVERY dog in the area know who the top dog was!

“WOOF!” I barked. The boy cub was picking up my offal. Why? Maybe he wanted to save it, it was a beauty. ‘OH’ I caught another scent, chicken I think. I dragged the boy along. We caught up to the wondrous smell, it was the cub of the one that always wears white and lives in the alcohol smelly place. I pushed my paws on the back of his legs trying to jar loose the chicken he had in his hands.

“Oh hi, Henry.” Porkchop said. “Hi Travis.” Porkchop said waving a chicken leg.

The boy leaned down to pat my head, I was within biting distance of the chicken, the cub of The One I allow to rub my belly, pulled back on our tether. I turned around with wonder. ‘I am so going to pee on your pillow tonight.’

The cub said something to the chicken smelling cub and we headed back to our home. I was EXHAUSTED we had been out for at least 12 markings. My stomach was full, my bowels and bladder were empty, and The One who I allow to give me water, gave me a thorough loving over, which I graciously accepted. It was now time for my second favorite undertaking, A NAP. I had a large puffy soft pillow that I used as my bed, it wasn’t as nice as the one where we used to live. I had chewed all the hard corners down and marked it subtly so no one else would want to use it. But when the dead two legged animals had come we had left.

The brightness in the sky had gone away when I first woke up. I think the fish sandwich might have been a little on the gone over side. My belly was tumbling and I was letting a lot of pressure out, the smell whilst not my best was definitely in contention. The One who I let buy me toys, was walking around, I could tell from his scent that his wound was causing him pain. I kept my eye on him, as far as two legged animals go he was pretty good one.

The Female One whose footwear I soften for her, was softly breathing in bed while the Male one tried to quietly walk out of our home. I waited a little while longer hoping my stomach would calm down so I could get some proper sleep. But it just kept tumbling so I went to seek out The One who I let scratch behind my ears to open the doors for me so we could go outside and he could be witness to my next great masterpiece.

I got up off of my warm bed and padded over to the door which HE had left open, his scent did not go far, only to the next door which was also open. I pushed that door open with my face. The One who I allow to wash me, was on the floor, the smell of pain coming from him was intense. I could hardly make anything else out. There was a strong smell of anger from The Stranger and a thick current of fear coming from the female cub of The One.

I did not understand what was going on. The Stranger yelled something at me, but the word ‘cookie’ was not one of the sounds. When The Stranger kicked The One I reacted the only way I knew how, I bit deeply into the soft flesh of his leg. Two legged animals do not like to be bitten, when I had allowed The One to play with me he had pulled back hurt after I had bit down just a little bit on his arm. I don’t know what he was complaining about, he’s the one that tasted bad. Took half a bowl of water to get the taste of him out of my mouth.

This was no play bite, I bit until the metallic taste of blood flooded into my jaw and his leg bone shattered. The Stranger then attacked me, the cold metal stick sliced through my side, the pain burned and froze at the same time. The Stranger slid down the wall, wildly swinging his sharp metal stick, fear and pain were now the main scents he gave off. He was dangerously close to The One I let squish my face. I wanted to grab his arm but it was moving too fast, his head wasn’t though. I grabbed his snout and bit down until my teeth were rubbing against his. I then shook my head his mouth ripped free from the rest of his body. Two legged animals are so weak, blood sprayed everywhere. There was no longer anger or danger from The Stranger, just pain, it was time to kill him. His throat bobbed up and down that was where I would finish him.

And I would have to if The Female One who I allow to sneak me treats had not come in with the two men who think they blend in with everything.

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  1. Chuck Craig:
    So now we know where Mike get's his thinking processes from, or is it the other way around.

  2. In the beginning, I wrote what I knew. So at first Mike and Mark where very similar. But circumstances shape us. I have yet had to kill a zombie and seeing what Talbot is going through I think I'm better off.

  3. Seriously, I just finished the books, and I cannot wait until book 4 comes out. The teasers in the blog just make me want more!
    And here I was afraid that when book 3 was "the end" that the series was going to end without loose ends tied up.
    Thank you

  4. Hi D, thank you for posting on my blog (something which I need to do more of) Looking back the title for ZF3 was probably not the best idea but a little late in the game now. ZF4 should be ready by Oct 1st. Stay in touch! And THANK YOU!