Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spoiler Alert - Do Not Read Unless you have finshed the first 3 Books! Happy Easter All!

Prologue 1

The End…has come and gone. This is the new beginning, the new world order and it sucks. The end for humanity came the moment the US government sent out the infected flu shots. My name is Michael Talbot and this is my journal, I'm writing this because no one's tomorrow is guaranteed and I have to leave something behind to those who may follow. Although the chance of humans making a comeback is remote. We have never been this close to the abyss, oh who the hell am I kidding, we've already fallen over and are clinging desperately to a small outcropping.

I've lost damn near everything in an attempt to get back to the east coast Talbot's. I watched as two dear friends departed to their families in the south, to never be heard from again. I watched as my neighbor and a valiant warrior Jen, was shredded by zombies. My daughter's fiancée Brendan died in a rescue attempt for myself, BT and Jen. And my adopted son Tommy has gone missing. So now I must leave 'home' and strike out against a relentless enemy named Eliza, who has placed me on the top of her 'to kill' list. The clock is ticking, my son Justin has been infected with a low dose of the zombie virus and for the most part has been able to keep it at bay, although with some notable side effects, one being that Eliza can use him as a spy. While we were recuperating on the banks of Lake Erie in Camp Custer, Doc Baker came up with a serum that Justin has to take daily, it quite literally keeps the Demon out of his head. The problem being is that we only have 45 or so of these shots left

So either we find Eliza and deal with her or she'll find us. Come to think of it both ways really kind of blow. I'd much rather wait out the end of the world in a nice cozy cabin but now its personal. She has dominion over two of my sons and is directly responsible for the death of my future son-in-law.
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  1. Love these books !!
    I am so happy to know that the next is on the way
    Please hurry up and finish it so I can read it.
    Keep up the great work
    Fan for ever -- Ian flay

  2. Can't wait!
    just read the first 3 over the past week whilst on holiday, could not put them down.
    Brilliantly entertaining, and such a refreshing twist to the Zombie genre with the inclusion of Eliza and Tommy (gotta love that big guy)

  3. Hey guys thank you for posting and reading my books!

  4. Hi, Mark!

    I finished the three books in five days!! They were awesome!
    I will be horrified by the death of one of the characters and later be laughing out loud to some of Mike's thoughts at the weirdest moments.
    Keep the great work and don't let us wait too long for the next one :)

  5. Thank you Yramyl! Hopefully have ZF4 out by October!

  6. Awesome books, yes plural, same I'm looking forward to more of Talbot's insanity. After reading the first book I thought about hitting the old keyboard, but like many great or small talbotisms this passed to better things to do like not running over the silver Toyota that cut me off today, that would've sucked because of the paper work. Awesome that there is/was a big rig used in your books.

  7. Hi Driver Wolf, Big Rigs and Zombies just seem to go together. Don't know why anyone in their right mind would cut a semi off, maybe they were in the midst of changing over into a zombie! (Maybe you should have hit them) I'm not condoning violence, I'm merely stating a possibility.

  8. I just read the series and LOVED them. I posted a review on Barnes and Noble thats sure to blow smoke up your arse. October can't come soon enough! Can't wait!!

  9. Thanks Frantic! Love the name by the way!

  10. I love, love, love this series, can't wait for #4. Keep writing!!


  11. Um, now "it's" personal, not "its" personal. You so still need an editor. :)