Friday, January 27, 2012

ZF 5 Foreword

Hello Dear Reader, If you find this journal let us start with the basics my name is Michael Talbot, I am/was the owner of the material you now hold in your hand. My life has been one living hell after another since the age of around 18 when I tripped on some bad mushrooms and cursed to the gods about my lot in life. Since then I have been relegated to alternate horrific realities, where some I am younger, some I am older, some I live through and some I don’t. (I still have a hard time writing down that I have died on no less than 3 accounts)
The only constant is that I am aware of what is happening but the people I encounter along the way do not. Some are threaded throughout my lives and show up constantly, like my soul mate Tracy and my best friend Paul. Some appear in one reality and not another for some reason, one being Mrs. Deneaux (thank God on that one at least). Some enemies remain the same, Durgan, others not so much. I have been hunted down by zombies, aliens, ghosts and a few other creatures from the depths of a mad god’s deranged mind.
I can’t imagine that the Big Man has taken any interest, my guess is that I have pissed off one of the lesser gods (imagine that), one of the Greek or Roman deities who have been relegated to paganism since Christianity took hold. I’m not even sure if the true God is aware of my plight and if he is why does he not reign his wayward children in.
So I write these journals down, mostly to keep my mind from addling and to keep my multiple horrors compartmentalized. So when you feel the need to complain about your lot in life, be careful who is listening and be very specific on what changes you would like to have made.
Each misadventure that I have, in no way reflects on the other, they are not a continuation of any other story, one does not need to read my Zombie Journals to know what happened on Indian Hill or even at The Spirit Clearing but they should be aware that the main person (me) is always present. I do not know when this god will tire of his play thing, if ever, for me the nightmare has been going on for decades, for him (or her…it wouldn’t be the first female I’ve pissed off) it may only be seconds. I look forward to one day having a normal life, if such a thing is still possible. So if you find this and you are a pious person I would welcome your prayers to whoever you deem a higher authority, maybe your entreaties will not fall on deaf ears like mine have.
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  1. I love it! And like I said before, I love Mike Talbot! Your stories are great and I love how they all have one main character! Thanks for giving me great material to read!

    1. Im glad you like it! Matthew (shaedstudios) is brilliant. I hope you enjoy 5 when it comes out. Thank you for reading my material!

  2. Damn should have said goddess. Editor, Editor! Where the hell are they when you need them?

  3. Very kick ass, helps put a handle on everything!

  4. Very kick ass, helps put a handle on everything!