Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zombie Fallout 5 ~ Digital Media Students receive their books

Digital Media Students Apply Their Technology Skills for “Zombie Fallout” Art Contest

Napa County Office of Education’s Regional Occupational Program (ROP) students from Dr. James Brown’s Digital Media Design and Criticism 2 course, New Technology High School, and Chris Walton’s Printing and Graphic’s course, Vintage High School, were recently given a unique opportunity to take the skills they have acquired and apply them to the world of work.
Napa County ROP recently hosted a contest for students in the Digital Media class.  The students used the various forms of digital media they work with as part of the course curriculum to develop artwork for a new book in the popular “Zombie Fallout” series. Approximately 100 students submitted illustrations to the contest, and the top 13 were selected for submission to the series author Mark Tufo.  According to Tufo, “I am completely impressed with the work that the students have presented, and I am thankful for the opportunity to present their art to as many of my readers as possible.”
In the fall of 2011, ROP Director Tammie Holloway learned that Tufo was preparing an anthology for the series.  Holloway contacted Tufo with the idea of having students submit illustrations for the new book.  He not only agreed, but committed to using the top 12 illustrations in the publication. Students were provided with an edited version of the first four chapters of “Zombie Fallout” so they could obtain a sense of the characters.
Course instructor Brown believes this was a great project for the students because it combined core academics with career technical education. “It was a way for the students to learn how to visually communicate in one image the story behind a chapter of a book,” Brown said. Algamae Ramos, one of the students whose illustration was chosen, said the author liked her “creepy little girl” image. She had chosen her four year-old sister for her model. Although she was not very familiar with Photoshop, Ramos said she decided to “have fun with it” and was pleased when her art was selected for publication.  The students selected are eager to receive their signed copy of the book which will include their illustrations.
Napa County Office of Education Regional Occupational Program (NCOE ROP) provides career technical education in multiple industry sectors to high school students. Students have the opportunity to take courses that prepare them for college and careers through hands-on instruction by bringing theory and practice together.  Many students use the skills developed in ROP to obtain employment while furthering their education or pursuing their career goals.  Students who are interested in taking ROP courses should see their high school counselor.
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