Monday, July 2, 2012

A chapter of ZF6

Day one without Talbot

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod." Gary kept repeating, as BT shoved him through Mary's front door.

"Where's Josh?" Mary screamed, her eyes widened in terror.

"He's supposed to be here." BT said moving to the side so that he could shut the door and look out the curtain.

"He's not here!" She screamed. "You left him out there!" She was shrieking now.

Gary was still muttering on the floor where BT had deposited him.

"Oh fuck." BT said silently as he looked through the large bar covered picture window of Mary's modest siege home.

"Where is my son?" She screamed slamming her fists into BT's chest.

BT pointed with the tip of his rifle before he headed back towards the front door.

Josh was at the most two steps ahead of the lead zombie whose outstretched hand was nearly close enough to touch his collar.

"Oh my God!" Mary said in unison with Gary.

"The fucking toy, he went back for the fucking toy." BT said as he headed out the front door.

Josh was running for his very existence but the large remote control truck he was carrying was impeding his progress. BT did not trust his marksmanship or frayed nerves to start firing at targets so close to a live body. And he couldn't tell Josh to drop down, BT would be able to get the lead zombie and a couple of others but there were too many of them. Add to that there was the real danger that the zombies that had been pursuing him and Gary would completely cut the boy off from the house.

"Drop the damn truck!" BT roared.

Josh looked up, wide white terror laden eyes stared back at him.

"Drop the truck boy!" BT forced.

BT watched as Josh had an internal struggle within himself, the boy was deciding on whether or not to give up one of the last things his father had given him or forfeit his life. It was close But Josh finally let go of the toy Monster truck. BT figured the boy's father was still looking out for him, the truck caught in between the strides of the zombie closest to Josh. Josh yelped as the zombies hands reached out and touched him down his back and the bottom of his pants as its legs became tangled in the rubber and plastic and slammed chin first into the ground.

The affect was instantaneous at least another three zombies went down with their leader, but Josh was far from out of danger but BT finally had an opening with which to let lead fly. He lined up a shot and tried to pull the trigger.

"Oh no." He sighed, he was out of bullets.

"Good a day to die as any, maybe even better than most." He said as he ran towards Josh, his hastily drawn up plan was to use himself as a human shield.

"Get out of the way you lummox!" Mary shouted behind him. She didn't give him much of a chance though as she began to shoot. Most weren't head shots but the bullets were causing enough damage to slow the zombies down.

Gary came up beside her, he was jamming shells in to his rifle. Tears were still streaming down his face as he began to fire, BT was amazed he could hit anything through the waterfall in his eyes.  Luckily Gary was focused on the zombies to the front of the house where his bullets would only slam into the undead.

Josh had about another fifty yards to make it to the house, and forty yards before he made it to BT. BT waited like the anchor man in the first ever zombie relay. First prize was life, everything else was death. BT started jogging towards the house as Josh approached, and then snatched him up into his huge arms and was at full tilt within 4 strides. Mary was holding the security door open so that he could dive in with his precious cargo. Gary was busy shoving new shells into his rifle.

"Get in the house!" Mary yelled simultaneously to BT and Gary.

Gary was slow to react, BT grabbed him by the front of his jacket and pulled him in alongside. BT pushed Josh ahead of himself as he fell to the floor, he didn't want to save the boy from zombies only to crush him under his bulk. BT's chest had no sooner hit the floor when the first zombies crashed up against the security door. Mary was backing up as the house rattled from the multiple impacts.

Gary shut the front door when BT moved his legs.

"What were you thinking!" Mary screamed at Josh, who was full on crying now. "What were you thinking!" She screamed again.

Josh was sobbing so hard he was hitching and having a difficult time catching his breath. " was from dad." He wailed.

"Was it worth getting killed over!" She was screaming so loudly and with such force her face was turning red and thick corded veins were bulging from her neck and forehead.

"Mary he's alive, he's fine." BT said trying to restore some order in the house.

Mary wasn't having any of it. She turned her wrath on him. "Wasn't it your grand fucking idea to let him go along?"

"Oh I would imagine it was Mike's insidious ramblings that convinced the boy to go out." Mrs. Deneaux added.

"You shut up!" Mary wheeled, pointing her finger at the crone. It seemed no one would be spared Mary's ire. "Where were you when my son was running for his life?"

"Dear I'm just an old woman what could I have done?" Mrs. Deneaux asked in return.

"I should have never opened my door, I should have never let any of you into my life." She was crying now.

"It's alright mom, I'm alright." Josh said getting up to comfort his mother. She gripped him tightly as if she were afraid to let him go, lest he not be real. She was crying into his shoulder, their roles momentarily reversed. "Mom we had to let them in, it was the Christian thing to do."

"I almost lost you Josh, I can't lose you, you're all I have left in the world." She full throated cried.

"I'm here mom, I'm here." He said as he led her towards the couch.

"Where's Michael?" Mrs. Deneaux asked BT.

BT shook his head almost imperceptibly from side to side. Mrs. Deneaux was careful not to let her joy show. Gary was staring out the living room window but his eyes did not appear to be focused on anything.

"I didn't even get a chance to bury him." Gary mumbled. "What am I going to tell my dad?" He asked the question, but that was not anything any one had an answer to.

"What now?" Mrs. Deneaux asked BT.

"We head towards Maine." He told her.

"When?" Mary looked up.

BT couldn't tell if she was wondering when they'd be out of her house or how long it would take for her and her son to be ready to go.

Gary had understood the meaning behind her question. "Mary you can't stay here." Gary said finally turning back around to face the group, the room darkened as the curtain slid back into place.

"Oh yes we can!" he said vehemently pulling Josh closer. "We're never going out there."

"You know you're going to run out of supplies." He said calmly, which belied his true countenance.

"We're better off without them." Mrs. Deneaux said. "The boy will just slow us down."

"As opposed to you?" Gary shot back, very much unlike anything that usually came from his mouth.

Mrs. Deneaux shrugged her shoulders and lit up a cigarette in response.

"How dare you!" Mary said to Mrs. Deneaux. "I opened my doors to you, I fed you I confided in you and then you turn on me?"

"I was trying to help dearie, you said you didn't want to go, I thought this would help your argument." Mrs. Deneaux said smiling with her tobacco stained teeth showing, it was much too mouthy to hold anything but contempt.

"Handle a snake you're bound to get bitten eventually." BT said to Mary.

"You must be happy now BT." Mrs. Deneaux said.

"What are you talking about?" He asked her.

"Well it looks like you're in charge now, with Mike out of the way you now take rightful control." She said and then took a long pull from her cigarette waiting for BT's response.

BT almost rose to the bait, but he could see the grim glimmer of smugness right under the surface in the woman's face and he'd be damned if he gave her anything remotely similar to a smile.

"Well the age is right." He said.

"What?" Gary asked.

Mrs. Deneaux's eyes narrowed as she waited for his response.

"She could be Eliza's mother." BT said as he went to the side of the house to see how many zombies Josh had brought back with him.

Josh snorted. "That's funny because that would make her like 550 years old."

"I remember when spanking your children was an acceptable form of punishment." Mrs. Deneaux said turning towards the boy, who shrunk back into the protective embrace of his mother.

 "We're leaving in the morning." BT said coming back into the living room. "Mary I won't force you but I really think you should reconsider."

"Michael would have been more persuasive." Mrs. Deneaux said.

"You done?" BT asked her.

"For now." She said taking another drag off her smoke.

"Mary please." Gary begged. "You're not safe here."

She scoffed at his words. "Oh yeah." She said mockingly. "I see how safe it is out there." She said not even willing to move her hand to point but rather nodding with her chin towards the front door.
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  1. Thanks Mark, that was awesome! Now, do we really have to wait for what, October??? Also, good job with Mrs D..I'm really wanting to punch her in the face!
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  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Great chapter and thanks for sharing! Mrs. Deneaux is a close second to Eliza as the villain of this story. Based on the first 500 words published, I wonder if Mike will gain any more insight into her past deeds before they meet up again.

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  31. Hello Mark.

    This might be a touch wordy but I actually just wanted to thank you. In an age where fiction writing has become more of a mathematical profit formula then about honest entertainment it was really nice to run across something genuinely different and enjoyable. I had worried at first due to the over saturation the zombie genre has taken lately but your books quickly left that behind and offered something more. While zombies are the primary threat and cause of death, the books quickly stopped focusing them and started to draw you into the characters and the evil of their nemesis.

    A friend had suggested the first one to me since he was aware that I enjoyed audiobooks. After listening to the first one I purchased the remaining 4 listened to them over a period 10 days. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I really enjoyed them. Like good literature is supposed to do I found myself experiencing the vast range of emotions in the different situations. The heart lifting humor caused by the banter of Jen, BT, and Mike on Carol’s porch in the middle of a fire fight to the hatred of Ms D.

    There is one obvious and glaring flaw that I just could not get over. If felt like an oversight that lasted through the entire serious and I just had to say something. Mike is an amazing character, truly one of the more enjoyable in any series I have come across… but how can anyone that great be a Red Sox fan? In the books it often mentions that he is prone to poor judgment, it must be that trait shining through.

  32. One thing I have learned as an author you cannot please everyone! I'll be honest it took me a while to figure that out! I'm glad the vast majority of folks are enjoying the teaser, and Christian from Sweden I NEVER thought once about walkie talkies I don't know why either I grew up with the damn things. And Mr. Morris you silly, silly man the Red Sox are the ONLY team any one should be rooting for, from your response I will have to assume you are a Yankees fan and thus I should negate nearly everything you said BUT your post does have some redeeming qualities! (Glad you are enjoying the series and truly thank you)

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    Alright Tufo....You played your "deus ex machina" card saving know you are not supposed to do that-but-he shoulda never got bit to begin with(ya right--like a zombie could bite thru his tough hide)
    Paul is gone...thats total B.S. and you know it..but..shit happens...ok..its a zombie apocaplypse so evil feline armies are to be expected...whatever...BUT...if that cantankerous old bat that has transitioned to a sinister evil demon comes near Tracy-Henry-Ect...Me and the other 30000 members of the TZTF are preparing to act,,,,,
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