Friday, October 26, 2012

Haunted Blog Tour Stop 5

Hello fellow ghosts and ghoul hunters! Welcome to Mark Tufo’s Haunted Blog Tour. The Haunted Blog Tour will be a ten day chill fest that will take you from one Haunted Blog to another! Today is the fifth day of our Haunted Blog Tour...our host for this adventure, THE SPIRIT CLEARING’s Michael Talbot. Along the tour you will have a chance to win Michael’s twisted story along with some other exciting prizes (over $200 in great prizes *golf clap*)! At our last stop via Booked & Loaded tensions ran high as the tour group began to get very restless. Let’s see if Talbot can hold things together as we go deeper on Mark Tufo’s Haunted Blog Tour...

The screams started.  I don’t think it was me, but it could have been. A mass roughly human shaped but shaped as if from a malformed hand came towards us.  It was easily double the size of a normal man and in what could be construed as it’s arms it cradled Alan or at least the body that housed Alan. His head looked like it was at a strange angle to the rest of his body. The mass stopped about ten feet from us and hurled Alan’s body.  It slid to a stop at Jed’s feet.
Jed kept his flashlight pointed at the being, the light from it not illuminating the creature at all, in fact it seemed to pull the surrounding light out of the air making the place somehow dimmer. It’s mouth opened, how I even knew that was beyond comprehension the blackness of its open mouth darker even than it’s body.
The small female who I had not seen earlier stepped forward, the being before us grumbled out words that felt like an icy cold wind blowing over gravestones. “You do not belong here.” And then it turned, its heavy steps fading into the distance.
I did not know if that message was meant purely for the girl or for all of us.
I started to ask her, but Goth was shrieking so loudly I couldn’t.  Just this one time I could empathize with her.
“Alan, Alan are you alright?” She asked as she pressed her foot up against his head. Rocking it back and forth on the hard stone surface.
“What are you doing?” Jed’s wife Grace asked as she bent down to check on Alan. “He’s alive help me get him up against the wall.” Grace said to the rapidly sobering frat boys.
“Mike what was that?” Jed asked, inadvertently shining the flashlight in my eyes. “Please tell me that was part of the tour, some sort of prop.”
I shrugged my shoulders. “You saw what I saw, do you think it was a prop?”
Small Shirt Sam spoke. “We gonna chase that thing down?”
I looked over at him. “You first.”
“We need to get out of here.” Pinching mom stated the obvious. “We should go back.”
“The door is locked mom.” Her son added.  He seemed to be the only thing that was keeping her from losing it all together.
“I think we need to keep going forward, that’s the only way out.” Jed said as he was reading his tour map.
“Where to next?” I asked.
“The morgue.” He said shallowly.
“Of course.” I said.


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About The Author Mark Tufo is the author of several books, including Indian Hill, Indian Hill 2: Reckoning, and Timothy. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he is a former member of the U.S. Marine Corp. Mark lives in Maine with his wife, three kids and two English bulldogs. You can find Mark at or on Facebook.

After a horrific accident Mike wakes to find himself blind in one eye. He now sees things that others can’t and nobody will listen to him. That is until he meets Jandilyn Hollow. Will she be able to pull him out of the depths of his despair? Can love transcend even death?

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  1. This is so fun! I love this story so far. Want more!!!

  2. Awesome story so far! I want more LOL. Excellent work as usual and just what we have come to expect from you!

  3. Loving your haunted tour...such a great idea and a great story!

  4. With every entry I'm liking the lil boy more n more. Wonder how the mom got talked into the tour??!

  5. With every entry I'm liking the lil boy more n more. Wonder how the mom got talked into the tour??!