Sunday, July 10, 2016

SPOILER! This is the raw Prologue for Indian Hill 6. I wouldn't suggest starting here!



Prologue 1

What a strange planet we live on. We act like there are these huge differences between us, the color of our skin, the religions we believe in, the sex between our legs, the politics we vote for, the patch of land we call home. When in reality we are the largest, most dysfunctional family in the cosmos. And we act like it, we will beat each other mercilessly, unfortunately many times we even kill one another, in the name of God, of Allah, of insert deity’s name here. For things you have that we don’t, for example, oil, gold, land, water. Talk about not sharing on a global level. But like any family, Whoa unto thee that comes over from outside and smacks your baby brother upside the head or calls your sister a slut. Retribution is swift and oftentimes harsh.
I mean in this case we got our ass kicked,the ruling Genogerians came down with their Progerian fighters and basically beat us up and down the sidewalk. Not at first, I suppose, no I got sucked up into a life or death cage match with an entire venue of concert goers and somehow came out on top and was given the moniker of Earth Champion for whatever the hell that meant. We caused some damage on that mothership, but it was like stubbing the toe of a giant. They leveled cities and destroyed vast swaths of the human population. If not for some sympathizers and militia groups we’d already be under the iron yoke of the ruling class, fighting their wars and feeding their soldiers.. and by feeding, I mean we’d be on their diet. We’re apparently very tasty with a light alfredo cream sauce.
From the brink we fought back, landing some effectual punches putting the aggressor on the ropes and actually wresting control back from our potential enslavers. All was partially good. With our bell still sufficiently rung we knew we weren’t out of the woods just yet. Our infrastructure and government were a thing of the past and we were under the gun. Their ship the Julipion had sent off a distress call, it would only be a matter of time until someone came to investigate. Those three years on earth were among the most civil, well-behaved of our entire history. We had a much larger and more dangerous enemy than ourselves to contend with and it was going to take all of us that remained to pull together if we even wanted a chance. If not for the threat of complete extinction one might even be able to use the word idyllic.
Sure there was still your normal human drama, Beth was still alive and I guess she just liked to continually stir the pot. Hard to fathom that I killed people in the hopes to get her back, now I’d kill them to make sure that never happened. Something snapped in that fragile mind housed inside that beautiful face. I felt bad for Paul, my best friend and pretty much leader of the world. He had all he didn’t want and could not have what he so desperately needed. Beth had married him as a way to stay close to me and I think she thought it was going to drive me into fits of jealousy. Oh it drove me into fits but not for any of the traditional reasons. She was a pain in the ass and an extremely dangerous one at that for she had the ear and the bed of the most powerful man on the planet.
 For three years we pooled all of our resources into making our planet one giant united weapon, we had Genogerians and some Progerians on our side. We produced massive plants to reverse engineer and create our own space fighters, we didn’t have the time or the materials to build planet busters, we could only work on the Julipion which we retrofitted and renamed the Guardian. It was our flagship and really our only ship. She was our first and only means of any type of defense, sure we could harangue occupation troops but we learned they would only suffer that for so long before they’d make the planet uninhabitable. Something they had done to another species that had decided it did not want to be under Progerian rule. The Stryvers became our ally, would have been a lot more helpful if they looked like fuzzy koala bears and not the living, breathing, nightmare that they were.
They supplied us with weapons and some technology, though this felt very much like a robbing Peter to pay Paul type of scenario. We’d figured out soon enough that the Stryvers weren’t really here so much to help us as they were to help themselves. In their perfect world we would be wiped out at the same time as the Progerians or worst case scenario the victor would be so completely and thoroughly weakened that the Stryvers could come in and claim the victory for themselves. They were a race without a planet and it looked like Earth would suit their needs. We could not fight on two fronts  but it was no fun fighting forwards with one eye to our rear.
When the Progerian reinforcements came, we punched them square in the nose, though we busted up our hand, shattered our forearm and threw out our shoulder in the effort. We’d won a major battle that might have cost us the war. Yeah, try and figure out the math on that one. I’d come across another unlikely ally in the form of a Los Angeles gang member and together with my tough as nails Marine wife we did what we could to save all that was precious to us. The world and more importantly what my world revolved around, my infant son. The same son I had entrusted the safety of to a Genogerian by the name of Drababan.

He was enormous, eight feet and somewhere in the six hundred pound range, as mean looking as a black mamba with rabies yet I loved him like a brother and I trusted him implicitly. It was my goal, no that’s not forceful enough, it was with every fiber of my being that I was going to get back to him and my son. We had a war to fight, a war to win and I would keep doing all of that until the end came. Not sure what that end would entail and honestly I couldn’t think that far ahead and so we continue… 
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  1. What a tease!!! And now the wait begins!!! 😄😄🙌👐🙌👐

  2. Aaaaggggghhhhhhh. Now I'm antsy for the rest. Can't wait for the next installment!!!

  3. I have to say your use of characters is amazing usually when a writer keeps recycling characters over and over it gets dry but not with you i can say that you are definantly going to be one of the greats remembered for his books

  4. I love listening to your books on, I can think of no better way to pass the time. Thank you

  5. Mark:
    Maybe it's because we are around the same age or possibly the similar twisted sense of humor that we are either blessed with or suffer with; but as I listen to the exchange between your characters I can easily get lost in the conversations as if I were there amongst them or I could just as easily be amongst my friends from high school and college.
    Anyway before I start wandering through the amusement park that is my mind and recounting some of my similar adventures, let me get to the point of the comment that I signed on to make - Thank You!
    I discovered your writing when I needed it the most and it has helped me get through many dark nights of the body and the soul - sleepless nights brought on by chronic pain, stress and loss. Nights that although I was taking Norcos faster than you could eject them from a PEZ Dispencer, they wouldn't put a dent pain radiating from the deep fried nerves of my shoulder and neck, nor the full force headaches that blurred my vision and increased 10 fold at the slightest glimmer of light (Thank you to Audible as well and Sean Runette for performing your work so realistically) which kept me from even enjoying a good book - Since I couldn't even pass the night getting lost in a good book, thankfully I found your work instead!
    Sorry, I couldn't help myself. To sum it all up - thank you for what you have written as well as what you have yet to write.
    Hoping for a movie or TV Series,
    100 Proof

    1. Hey 100 Proof, humbled that my books in some small way helped you through some tough times. I truly appreciate the kind words and support. Most people do say it helps to take Norcos before listening to my books :) Seriously though I do hope the worst of the pain is over, got some more stuff coming out soon.

  6. It's a great blessing to make your living doing something that brings joy to so many of the rest of us. Having said that; hurry up!

    Great intro. Can't wait!

    1. Thank you Jeff I appreciate your kind words and support! IH6 is in beta!

  7. So glad. I bought my first audible today...ZF1. Time to listen from the beginning. Don't get old. Don't ever get sick. Don't get bored with it. Just keep writing! Love you brother, even if my Yorkie Hank felt bad that his breed wasn't very tough in the Riley series.

    1. Hey Jeff, thank you man. Truly appreciate that! Please tell Hank I'm sorry and give him a cookie for me!