Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Character Michael Talbot Sits down with Readers

Michael Talbot Interview With Readers

Stephen How have you been able to keep Tracy from killing you?

Well I go with the traditional bob and weave. You can’t kill what you can’t hit. Plus I have developed this uncanny ability to sleep with one eye propped open. In reality I do a lot of good which helps balance out all of the ‘stupid’ things I will invariably end up doing. It’s kind of like putting brownie points in the bank against a rainy day.

Audra Did you find all of the "hidden" areas in your big brother's house? Did you tell him?

I had no idea of the depth of my brother’s psychoses, I had figured I was the only one in the family that suffered from some many maladies. Apparently I was wrong. At every opportunity I look for hidden areas and secret button within his house that may open on to another hidden area but he never leaves me alone for too long. I find myself tailed by a nephew or niece almost constantly when I am inside the house. And who knows how many closed circuit televisions he’s got on.

Shasta What are your true feelings for Tommy, now that you know the truth? Is it hard to not still think of him as that special young boy? Do you think that goodness and innocence is still there somewhere deep inside? Do you feel like you've truly lost another loved one, even though he's not technically "gone"?

Tommy has been difficult. I cannot believe that I was so thoroughly duped by him in the beginning. Tommy is as much a part of the boy as is his alter ego Tomas. I love the one and loathe the other. I don’t feel that I’ve ‘lost’ the boy as much as I do the trust. I don’t know if he’ll ever try to exact revenge or if he’s happy that part of his life is over. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him, probably for a very long time.

Keith I'd ask talbot what he thinks would be worse, either more despairing, fatal or disgusting: a zombie apocalypse world or a world being over run by a vampire horde?

Zombies, zombies, zombies, have I made myself abundantly clear It’s hard to imagine that once upon a time I dreamt and begged for a zombie apocalypse. The hardship, the death, the vigilance necessary to survive, it’s taken a toll on all of us. Now if I had to choose which thankfully I don’t I stick with zombies (slow ones preferably). Having had the pleasure of knowing Eliza I cannot in my wildest dreams think that mankind would have stood any sort of chance in a world overrun with her kind.

Amber Germ-X or Purell?

Purell only because I could buy it in bulk at Sam’s Club.

Randy Can I call you Dad?

Can you shoot? Fine but I’m not shelling out anymore for allowance.

Anthony If you could bring back all the family members and friends who have died but that also meant that Eliza would also return - Would you do it?

Without a doubt I would bring every single one of them back even if it meant two Eliza’s. To hold those that have fallen just for five more minutes would be worth it.

Michelle What is your favorite weapon?

I love that Gatling gun of my brother’s I know it only shoots .22’s but there’s something so menacing looking about it. Although that .50 cal machine gun was a sight to behold, the weight is a little much though plus the ammo.

Dave What do you think of this Tufo chap?

Tufo’s alright, I heard he’s a fellow Marine so he can’t be all bad, he stays on his side of the world and we’ll be fine.

Pauline Is there ever a stressful situation you get into and you are NOT a smartass?

Smart-assedness is how I deal with stress, so I would have to say if I stopped with the comments that there wasn’t anything really bad going on OR we were above screwed.

Scherrie what could you have done better from day one, having to forego your shower and go into survival mode?

I wished we had left Little Turtle right from the start. Would Eliza have been able to track us down? Probably. But the odds that Justin would not have got hurt or I would have felt the need to make a final stand and lose my best friend, those events may have never transpired.

Franklin How do you think your crew would act if they meet up with the zombies from resident evil series?

Smart, fast zombies is not cool, mostly likely we would have taken heavier casualties than we already had. It’s bad enough out there without that kind of problem.

Matt Why does mark tufo hate you so much?

It was a girl. Why does any man hate another?

James If you had to chose between saving BT or Henry, who would it be and why?

Oh James why would you go there? I love Henry as I love any of my kids, he is not just a dog to me. But BT is my best friend I would have to save him because he’d probably kick my ass in the afterworld if I didn’t. I love Henry though.

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  1. You should put that in the book. Michael Talbot being interviewed by TV reporter but I doubt anyone from CNN or Fox could survive in a zombie apocalypse.

  2. What are the full extent of Michael's half Vampire powers?

  3. I have just one question about te series.. I am reading them for fourth time, and well, didn't mikes best friend Dennis died from cancer or something like that?