Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fans sit down and ask Character BT some tough questions

Melissa was there ever a time you seriously thought about separating from Michael and the group and why?

Hi Melissa, I still think about separating from the group. Well at least from Mike. And do I seriously need to answer the ‘why’ part? The guy is a danger magnet, if there’s a shitstorm to be found you can rest assured Mike will stumble into it and then he’ll have some half-assed ‘plan’ on how to escape it.

Catherine What was the oddest thing you learned about Mike T?

There’s isn’t enough paper to write down the oddest things I’ve learned about the man. If I have to narrow it down I’ll go with the spoons thing. I thought there wouldn’t be too many more things the man could surprise me with until I watched him eat a bowl of cereal. He had to have a stack of plastic spoons with him, he would eat one bite, put the spoon in the sink and grab the next off the stack. “Okay man I’m curious, what are you doing?” I asked him. “Come on BT, just let me have this.” Mike answered me. I threatened to take his food away. “Fine man, I think putting a saliva coated spoon into my milk is beyond gross. I need to have a clean spoon to do it.” He kept explaining but I had already left the room, my gut hurt from laughing so much.

Stacey Do you ever feel regretful about joining the Talbots despite your friendship you've developed with them?

I’m pretty sure life would have been way easier had we parted ways and I stayed with Alex or even gone off on my own. But even through it all, I love him, I love his family, hell they’re my family now as well. I’d be saner if I had left, but not happier.

Jessa Using just ONE word, describe each person in the group.


Tracy - Saint

Nicole - Chatty

Justin - Strong

Travis - Caring

Tony - Missed

Ron - Protective

Gary - Funny

Mrs. D - Biotch!

Tommy - ???

Henry - Stinky

Kesha If u could find anyone in the midst of this mess who would it be, family member, friend, personal hero?

Most folks don’t know this but I’m an only child, so I love being around the hustle and bustle of a large family like The Talbot’s. My parents died when I was younger, I would love to find my fiancée but since I had to put a bullet in her head that’s not going to happen.

Molly Where were you during the alien invasion? Seriously

Hey man Mike might have you believing all of his alternate realities bullshit but that doesn’t mean he needs to drag me down the rabbit hole. During that time frame I was in college enjoying myself, not defending the earth against intergalactic invaders, and trust e that’s just the way we all would have wanted it. How do you think his story would have ended up if I were at the concert as well?

Lori What is your ultimate zombie apocalypse weapon if choice?

I’m with Mike on this one, screw the close combat, give me a rifle any time. I’m not the gun nut like he is but I’d take a nice semi-automatic any day to a sword.

Gregory Upon realizing that the Talbot's were more than they appeared, did you question why God kept the vow of non-interference, even though the damage to the human species was so devastating?

I’m Southern Baptist because my parents were. And if I learned anything in those hot churches, God helps those who help themselves. And if I were to truly dwell on it, I would have to say HIS influences were present all throughout our journey.

Jordan I would ask BT why he thinks I never win these unfair contests.

Tell them you want to win or you’ll take all the plastic spoons in a ten mile area around his house, I can almost guarantee you’ll have something in the mail.

Phillip what went through your mind the moment you got bitten?

That I was finally going to see my fiancée. And then disappointment that I didn’t get to see this through to the end. And then regret because I knew there was no way Mike was going to be able to pull this off without me and I felt like I owed at least that much to his family.

Marcus So big guy in all honesty if it were a match between you and Durgan who do you seriously think would win, id be rooting for you either way.

This wouldn’t even be close. Durgan was insane and he fought that way. This would have been over before it started. BT - 1, Insane bastard - 0

Phillip Who scares you more... Mike or his wife?

Hands down Tracy, I know Mike isn’t going to touch me. It’s almost like Tracy has a mental block against opponent size. She’ll attack regardless of the odds against her. I learned much like Mike - Don’t piss Tracy off.

Christina Do you miss your scooter? if so did you give it a name when you had it?

That scooter rocked! It saved my life. Do I miss it? Not so much, I much more comfortable having someone drive me around, never been a fan of driving.

Erin Who has he lost in zombie mess? There hasn't been a lot of history with him

There’s not much history because I’ve chosen not to share it. I’ve lost some good friends and I’ve lost the one person in my life that mattered above all else. Someday I’ll be with Kendra, for now I fight the good fight.

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  1. BT, I gotta ask... max bench press?

  2. THIS is why you're my favorite author, Mark! :-) Kesha

  3. Love BT he's so cool. Thanks for the Q&A from him. Love ZF and you too lol.

  4. I am glad to see that BT is still alive and able to do the interviews. I thought the zombie bite finally took a hold and that BT passed on! YOU ROCK BT! Glad to know you survived and able to kill more zombies!

  5. Thank you! this was fun :)
    and I am hoping his story continues

  6. Prime example of why you are my favorite author. The day you stop writing will be the end of the world!


  7. There is MUCH history about BT in Callis Rose, if you are focused enough to catch it! Love Love Love the tie-in and history of Characters. Wish you had a "Family Tree" for all the charactors. Mind BLOWN....

    1. Hey Amy, I believe we are friends on fb I may have something for you.


    1. I think that would be UNFAIR if I told you.

  9. I am just starting #9 having read #1 not even 2 months ago and the rest in between. And I am wondering. Is mike now a full on vampire after drinking tommys blood ?? I thought that would be the case but so far. Not much has been touched on that...

    1. Hi Jordan, glad you are enjoying the series and thank you for your support. This gets addressed more in the Lycan Fallout series.

  10. What happened to Talia (and the others) after the Calis fiasco.

    1. At this point I'm not sure what I had planned for the rest.